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Nominate An LVDL Member for Lawyer of the Year!

19 Jan News | Comments Off on Nominate An LVDL Member for Lawyer of the Year!

Nominate Someone Today

Members of the Las Vegas Defense Lawyers (“LVDL”) embody the highest standards of professional ethics and client representation in the State of Nevada. Our members have dedicated their careers to achieving outstanding results for their clients while maintaining the respect of their adversaries. Once a year, the Board of Directors for LVDL will select one deserving member, based on nominations submitted by the general membership, to recognize their extraordinary achievements for the preceding calendar year.

The Board of Directors is now accepting nominations to recognize its 2016 “LVDL Lawyer of the Year”. The winner will be announced and presented at the Annual Meeting, which will be held on March 30, 2017 at the Worldview Room at the World Market Center Las Vegas. The award is intended to recognize an attorney who, within his or her practice, is the model of a lawyer dedicated to providing outstanding services in the defense of civil litigation. LVDL members may nominate as many candidates as they like. A nominee must be a current member of LVDL. 

An Award Committee comprised of members of the LVDL Board of Directors shall review all nominations to select a candidate who promotes the stated purposes of the LVDL: (1) to provide a highest quality services and results regarding civil litigation; (2) to promote cooperation, civility, and the overall enhancement of the practice of law; (3) to promote improved public perception of defense attorneys through service to the community; (4) to maintain the standards of professional conduct among lawyers in civil litigation.

To submit a nomination, send an email to [email protected] and submit the name of an individual attorney; your nominee’s firm or organization and contact information; and a description no longer than 300 words of his or her achievement(s).  All nominations must be received no later than March 1, 2017.